World Peace Library

Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara World Peace Library

True growth and evolution of the human persona is not possible without adding to one’s knowledge, analyzing, questioning and discovering answers. While knowledge about spirituality, religions, philosophy and scientific thinking can be amassed from various sources, throughout one’s lifetime, one can only imagine the benefits if it were made available under one roof, in a conducive environment for study, reflection and for incubating new thinking on the subjects. It was with this purpose and vision that The World Peace Library has been constructed at the World Peace Dome.

The Library houses thousands of books and scriptures related to religion, spirituality, science and philosophy and from across the world. In the middle of the Library is a circular room where one can study about the ideologies and history of the various religions of the world – Judaism, Hinduism, Islam ,Christianity and Zohrastrianism and Sikhism. One learns about the differences as well as the similarities of the religions. Ancient scriptures available here bring clarity to the rituals and practices of these religions. While one can research with the resources available
here, it can help the thinking mind to conceptualize one’s own philosophies and interpretations, spark new ideas, breaking the bounds of traditions. This is the intent also of this secular place filled with possibilities of the new. The Library also showcases remarkably well-written pieces along the walls about the life and work of some of the greatest scientists and thinkers of the world. The magnificent expanse of 62,500 square feet area of the Library is captivating at first sight and inviting for the scholar, researcher and the lay reader, alike.