The Peace Within

As one walks into this magnificent edifice, one cannot help but experience a sense of vastness for the surroundings accompanied with a sense of humbleness. One realizes that true inner peace can only be acquired through knowledge. The walls have beautiful golden inlay work on wooden surface which is both elegant and mesmerizing. And it is only befitting to the statues of some of the great founders of religions, saints, scientists and philosophers to be housed in a serene setting. One also notices that the highest seat is occupied by the statue of Bhagwan Shri Ram- the epitome of ‘vivek’ in Hindu mythology. It leads one to ponder upon their thoughts, desires and actions. Other statues are placed on marble pillars which also have beautiful carvings on them. The blue sky like ceiling is a reminder to the endlessness that surrounds us and validates the fact that we are a mere speck in the Universe